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Our 5 top tips for moving day

The day is finally here, the boxes are packed, and you are about to move into the house of your dreams – but unfortunately, there always seems to be a lot of hassle involved. Here, Chris Nathan, Founder of Hound & Porter is pleased to offer five top tips on how to simplify the stress of the move.


On a big day like today, the list of little but crucial tasks can sometimes be overlooked. Rather than constantly thinking ‘have I remembered to empty to the fridge?’ or ‘did I take out those last rubbish bags?’ make a key list to give yourself that peace of mind, knowing that everything will get done. This can also help you to prioritise your time and remain organised whilst avoiding a last-minute rush.


As the owner of two miniature German schnauzers, I know that prioritising your pets is of paramount importance. Whilst it is advised to arrange for them to be kept with friends, family or in a kennel throughout the move, sometimes this isn’t always possible. If you have to keep them with you, choose a room or location where your dog can stay safe whilst the move is happening to prevent any distress.

Moreover, it is also a worthwhile suggestion to save the dog’s bedding and toys to be packed last. Whilst the presence of familiar toys is comforting, it is also wise to not wash bedding until a couple of weeks after the move, so a recognisable scent is still present in the new home.


Up to a week prior to the move, prepare a “moving essentials” bag which will have everything you need for moving day and the following few days after. This can be filled up with anything from important documents and phone chargers, through to toiletries and medication.

Keep this in your car or another quiet designated place – this will help to avoid the problem of it being accidentally packed up in a mountain of boxes.


At this point, the deep clean should have already been completed, but it is good practice to leave out a few standard cleaning supplies for any unexpected mess.

Whilst a dustpan and brush and cleaning wipes should be all you need, also ensure to keep this in a safe place so it is not packed away by mistake. Once the boxes are all out and the house is empty, any untidy spots can be tackled efficiently.


When all is packed up and ready to go, make sure to do a final walk through of your former home. Keep this brief but try your best to spot anything that you may have left behind, as this could be difficult to get back. Open all cabinets, closets and drawers to make sure nothing has been forgotten.

Currently, the average person will move to a new house eight times in their lifetime, with approximately only six years between each move.1 Therefore, it’s important to get to grips with the routine and practice of moving day, making each experience as organised and as stress-free as possible.

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