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Design tips for a swift sale



The most cost-effective way to dress your home is to de-clutter and tidy, to give the impression of a spacious and cared for home. Do this before you have your photos taken. Consider circulation space at viewings; if space is tight, move some pieces of furniture into a different spot, or into storage. If you are short on time, arrange for a packing service for a third of your items – if it’s likely you will be using one on moving day why not plan ahead.



Make sure you keep some personal objects on show. Carefully curated, these give the impression of a loved and lived in home, plus they help to draw peoples’ eyes towards any key features. A good rule of thumb is to organise objects in groups of three, like a vase of fresh flowers, a treasured photo and an ornament from your holiday. Don’t worry about items co-ordinating exactly; a loved & lived in home looks like it’s evolved over the years. We love the William Morris quote “Have nothing in your house you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful



The quality of your home will reassure potential buyers, so set the scene to highlight your homes’ advantages, remembering the devil is in the detail. A sun filled spot maximised with an armchair and a plumped cushion, alongside a side table with a good book, table lamp and feature mirror on the wall to bounce the light around. A traditional fireplace could be highlighted by a collection of vases or candles on it and a statement piece of art over. Don’t forget the view onto the garden; even a few seasonally planted pots will look fantastic.



Fresh coats of paint work absolute wonders to give a clean, fresh appeal to your home. If there are any rooms that feel particularly dated in their colour choice, or a bit worn, then consider painting the room. Don’t scrimp on the number of coats applied – a quality finish will give that sense of luxury throughout the home. Be brave with colour as the correct shade can enhance a space immeasurably. When choosing, consider the room’s orientation – for example, a south facing room can take a bolder colour choice.



Good quality lighting makes such a huge difference so start by turning your lights on for viewings! A mix of high, mid and low-level lighting adds atmosphere. Make the most of the lighting you have by changing your lightbulbs to a warm white (2700+ kelvin), which will make any room instantly more attractive and cosier. Then add low level lighting where you can – a few floor or table lamps give a soft homely glow. Try placing a lamp on a bookshelf so the corner of a room doesn’t feel too dark, to make the room appear larger.



If all this seems too time consuming or out of your comfort zone, it may be worth investing in professional interior design advice.


Thank you to  Hannah Darrall and Kat Briggs, co-founders of Design Twenty Five Ltd, for this article.






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