Insights 13/04/2020

Preparing yourself and your home for sale during lockdown

We have put together a few pointers on using your lockdown time to present your home as best as possible for hitting the market as soon as we can!


  1. Research and choose your agent

Call them and tell them of your intentions in the coming months, and build a rapport with them. Relationships are key and if you can get a head start, now is the time to do it!


  1. Engage with a financial advisor

Working out your maximum affordability now and providing all the paperwork will save lots of time once you find the home you want to purchase, Now is a good time to research what the most competitive rates there are, out in the market and depending on the product you might be able to get an agreement in principle.


  1. Engage with a recommended solicitor

Getting legally prepared now when you have more time on your hands will save stress later. Organising all your paperwork, including service charge accounts and leases (for flats), any planning permissions or building control certificates if you’ve had an extension etc. All these things will aid a smooth transaction in the long run


  1. Declutter

First impressions are really important and often potential buyers can’t see past your personal belongings. Use the opportunity to focus on the key rooms in your home, for example the kitchen, lounge, and master bedroom.


  1. A lick of paint?

If you have a lived in-house you may like to consider some elements of redecorating. Over the next few weeks, each room at a time, could be done. We would always recommend using neutral colours. So if your children’s bedrooms have been painted bright pink, choose a neutral colour to appeal to a wider market.


  1. Gardens are more important now than ever before

As all of us are staying at home, our outside spaces have become our only piece of outside enjoyment! So your garden has become a very important extension of your home, Tidy and remove rubbish (or have it all set aside to dispose of once you can) In the summer people will expect to see the garden at its best!

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