Reigate 15/10/2020

Meeting Anthony

As your house is your home, our company is our staff. Here at Hound and Porter, we define ourselves by the team we employ and strive to find the perfect people to help you with your search. Anthony has been with us for nearly two months now, but we have known him locally for a number of years. We are delighted to welcome him to the Hound and Porter team.

Anthony was born in East Surrey Hospital, so his roots are very firmly in the area. His love and interest in property started at an early age; his first memory of childhood is driving past an abandoned house with his family and asking his parents if he could buy it. Prior to Hound and Porter, he worked in renovation and was a well-known and well-loved general manager of Bill’s in Reigate. A local man himself, his genuine enthusiasm for the area and knowledge of Reigate is impressive. If you want to know the best independent restaurant or where to find those off-the-beaten-path dog walks, Anthony is your man.

Anthony first met founder Chris when he used to bring the Hound and Porter team into Bill’s for team breakfast. A friendship was quickly formed and according to Anthony, he loved seeing the Hound and Portercamaraderie during their breakfast meetings, how well Chris looked after his team and the mutual respect they all had for each other; qualities we in turn, constantly strive to emulate with clients. According to Anthony “Chris doesn’t ‘sell you the dream’, he sells you the perfect home.”

When not at work, you will often find Anthony walking his beloved cockapoo, Tilly, atop Reigate Hill – a place that offers breathtaking views of the area, as well as a welcome coffee at Junction 8. Or you may find him having dinner at his favourite local restaurant Regional Thai, a fantastic independent on Reigate’s high street. He also rather admirably, manages an under-18 football team at Dorking Wanderers. He’s a man with many strings to his bow.

To know Anthony is to know a man of genuine warmth, character and attention to detail, who thinks with clarity and is a natural problem-solver. According to Anthony, he saw attributes in our company which we in turn, see in him. Through care and honesty, he strives to break the traditional estate agency mould to ensure clients find that perfect property. He has the ability to unpack the most complex of problems and elegantly and carefully deliver them back to clients. Nothing is too big a deal for Anthony and his genuine enthusiasm for his job and hugely likeable nature, make him a perfect fit for Hound and Porter.

Anthony’s top tip for clients is to go in with an open mind and be open to suggestion. He will be closely working alongside Chris and India. Welcome Anthony!

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