Insights 10/02/2020

Meet India Gregg


1. Hi India, can you talk us through your previous experience in the property industry?
“I started out in the industry in August 2007, where I joined Cubitt & West after I had been a manager in a restaurant. I had a desire to find something new, to find a role in a sector where I felt I could develop and grow. Working in property seemed very natural to me, as my father had been in the industry for many years.

“My first position for the company was as a Trainee Negotiator, and then I successfully worked my way up to become a Marketing Consultant. In 2013, I had my first child and then went back to work part-time, however Chris [Nathan, Founder of Hound & Porter] made contact with me and asked if would become a Regional Trainer for his specified region at Cubitt & West. This was a great opportunity but unfortunately one I couldn’t carry on with, as I had another child and I chose to give up work for a few years to focus on my young family.

“Recently, Chris got back in touch and offered me a new flexible role at Hound & Porter, which could work well alongside being a mum. It’s great to use my experience and expertise to help grow this new business – it really was an offer I couldn’t refuse!”

2. Can you tell us more about your role at Hound & Porter? What does a typical day look like for you?
“My role at Hound & Porter is really varied and exciting. For me, it’s not only about building relationships with local businesses and prospective buyers, but also that I remain informed about what is happening in the market and the local community.

“As a small team, we always ensure that we focus on our customers and suppliers’ – making sure we reach the highest standard.

“A typical day involves following up appointments and valuations and gaining feedback from clients on viewings. It’s also all part of our service to keep in touch with house-hunting clients and research into finding the right property for them.”

3. In your opinion, what makes Hound & Porter stand out as a new estate agency?
“At Hound & Porter, there is huge belief in the branding. The relentless hound and the dedicated porter make us stand out as an estate agency with a personal touch. Buying and selling homes can be one of the most stressful situations to deal with, and we are ready to navigate through any issues that may arise.

“We’re also innovative and always keeping up with the ever-changing industry. We have a homely hub on the high street for us to engage with clients, and we’re also flexible by being open on Sundays.”


4. You’re a working mum, how important would you say a work/life balance is to Hound & Porter and to the workplace as a whole?
“Very. Chris is a family man himself and approached me knowing that I am a mum and was confident that I would fit in well with the style of his new business. The flexibility and fairness of the workplace is changing, and Hound & Porter have incorporated this amongst their whole strategy for the company.”

5. Hound & Porter are based in Reigate, why is this a great place to invest in a property?
“Reigate is super accessible, with great commutability aspects. Residents are only a 40-minute commute into Central London, and the town is near to the M25, A25 and Gatwick Airport.

“There is also lots of investment in development in the area, with the expanding high street and restaurants. Additionally, Reigate’s appeal also comes from the fact it is a bustling town with access to lots of green space, combining busy city life and the tranquillity of the countryside.”

6. Why is Reigate great for families?
“Alongside the rolling hills and stunning countryside, there is so much going on in Reigate. Whilst it’s country-setting enables it to be perfect for outside sport and dog walking, Reigate always embraces seasonal activities, with the Priory Park Open Air Cinema in the summer and an ice rink at Christmas time. Reigate is also known for its great range of schools and variety of clubs for children to get involved in.”

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